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No need to hire database designers, programmers, or consultants. VFX Nexus has customization features to fit the way your studio works. From terminology to pipeline, security and file sharing, VFX Nexus is designed for quick set-up and flexibility.

Coordination and updates become easier than ever. The phrase "many hands make light work" fits here perfectly. An update to a shot is shared immediately among all users so everyone is aware of the current state of their assignments and the project.

Now have one place to keep all project data for everyone's reference. No more need to search one spot of the network for camera details, then find the keeper of mocap files for the latest updates, and then a run to the I/O department to find out if a scan has been revised. VFX Nexus keeps a running tab of all updates to shots in addition to all associated details and reference.

Today's VFX studio is likely to have workers or freelancers off-site. VFX Nexus was created to keep remote collaboration as streamlined as interoffice work. All status changes and feedback are shared instantly with all users, whether in the same office, across town, or on the other side of the world.

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VFX Nexus LLC creates solutions for the visual effects industry. Our desire is to constantly simplify the process of VFX production, always keeping the artist and producer foremost in mind. Get to know us a little better by emailing any questions to .