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    Projects are how VFX Nexus defines related set of shots. A Project is typically an individual movie or an episode of a television series. Users or Teams can also be restricted from accessing certain projects. This makes it possible to partition off certain Projects from users that are not essential to a Project.

    Let’s create a Project: Click the Projects tab at the top of the VFX Nexus Screen. Select "New Project" from the menu. Looks like ZippyFX scored all the primary work for the movie adaptation of the classic tale Cheesemongers of Foo. We’ll enter the details of the Project on this page.
    Enter the Project name in the Project field. The description area can be anything you need it to be. A short summary of the subject, perhaps a director’s name, and delivery format notes are the usual useful nuggets of information here. The ever important due date follows, entered in month/day/year format, or selectable by the calendar widget next to this field. Make sure the “This is an active project” checkbox is clicked.

    Click “show color options” to reveal the color coding key. Color Coding is for adding quick visual cues when looking at a list of shots. A legend detailing these color codes will be placed on any page where these are displayed. You may wish to use them for flagging types of shots (Comp / 3D / 2D), the evolution of a starring object of your movie (Shiny Spaceship / Dirty Spaceship / Damaged Spaceship), or any other aspect that seems worth delineating. Copy the entries as seen in the screenshot for our example project.
    After all the details are filled in, click Add.
    Your first Project is created and its Summary page now appears!

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