• Projects Context (Menus)
    Now that we’ve created our first Project, it’s important to learn how VFX Nexus partitions its use. Every Project acts like a self contained entity. When a user is logged in to their home page area, they will see all their shots and tasks across all projects they have permission to see. They will be able to see these in their Shots, Tasks, and Dashboard tabs.
    Simply put: this means that VFX Nexus works on a user or global level when working with items under the Home, Calendar, Knowledge Base, Reports, or Search Shots tabs, but is focused only on a particular Project when in the Project tab.

    As a supervisor or admin you will mostly want to act on all shots and tasks within a certain Project only. To do this, click on the Projects tab at the top of the page and select the desired project within the menu that pops up. Now you’ll be acting within this selected Project, and all the sub-menu tabs will pertain to this project only. To return to a user-centric view, click the Home tab.

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