• User Access
    After creating a Project, next determine what users have access. This is a very important step. As new Projects are created no users other than Admins have access in order to maintain security.
    By default, VFX Nexus is configured to use Team designations. If you don’t require this functionality, it may be turned off in the Global Settings in the Control Panel. This tutorial is assuming Teams are being used.
    Teams can be assigned to Users, Shots, and Tasks. A Project is then set up to allow or deny access based on Teams and Users. Without context this concept may seem a bit convoluted. So here are some scenarios to put this in context:
    • A User named Tom belongs to the team “GoodVFX.” A Project is created, and a handful of shots are assigned to the team GoodVFX. We set the Project to allow Tom to see all shots assigned to team "GoodVFX". Now that user can log in and see all shots within that project belonging to GoodVFX.
    • Let’s say we want Tom to be limited to only his own workload. We’d set up the same scenario, but then specify that Tom can see only his own shots. Now, regardless of what Team he is on, he will see any shot assigned to him within that Project.
    • We can also allow supervisors access to all shots within our own studio while limiting artists to seeing only their own shots.
    Even simpler: a team consisting of any number of users can be allowed to see all shots belonging to that team, or only their own shots. Why would you want such a scenario? Say you have an outside vendor providing a certain number of shots within your Project, but they shouldn’t be allowed to see any work they are not contributing to. This is the perfect use of this set up.

    Click the User Access tab. We have an assortment of users here, but we’ll concentrate on any artist accounts you created with the default group “Local.”
    Under the heading “Local,” we'll allow our Users to have access to all shots and tasks within this Project. Select "all shots" for each user in this Team.
    Click the Update button at the bottom of the page to set these permissions.
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