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    Unless you are an atomic-superpowered-force-of-one, you’ll need to share this instance with others. Collaboration is where VFX Nexus shines.

    Click the Users tab, to the left of the Control Panel tab.
    Select your Admin account within the Account menu, then click Edit. Here you can verify or update your account name, email address, and password. You can also assign yourself to a particular Team. For now choose one of the built in defaults, likely “Local.” You can also set a preference for which screen acts as your home screen upon logging in. Administration types typically select "Dashboard," artists may need "My Shots" or "My Tasks" depending on their roles. Once all your settings are correct, click the Update button at the bottom. Note that your name may not change in the upper right of the screen until your next login.
    Now we’ll create a few users. In the Name field, type in an artist’s name from your crew. Enter the email, and a password according to your organization’s standards. For the Studio, select “Local.” For Account Type, select “Artist.” For Home Page, select “My Shots.”
    Click the Add button at the bottom of the page. You have created the first user for your VFX Nexus instance! Feel free to create a few more. The “Artist” Account Type is an entry that is available by default, and has a series of permissions that can be customized at any time. Eventually, you may want to change these Permissions for this user type, or get more specific with multiple artist account types. It all depends on how your organization likes to do things or how fine-grained the duties are for various members of your team.

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