• VFX Nexus 2.1
    Congratulations on joining the VFX Nexus revolution. We look forward to making your VFX production, communications, tracking, file sharing, and organization a runaway success.

    VFX Nexus is secure, web-based, producer-focused, artist friendly and designed to work within various production pipelines. If your organization is struggling to create an efficient pipeline, VFX Nexus may just provide the basis and structure to get you on your way. If your company has an established way of performing your work, VFX Nexus happily molds to your style. VFX Nexus is also a living application. This means that as improvements and refinements are made to the system, everyone using VFX Nexus benefits. No need to reconfigure or reinstall anything. Updates are rolled out automatically, but not without notice. We look to our customers for their feedback to drive these improvements.

    To start using VFX Nexus, you will need 5 things:

    • Your Welcome to VFX Nexus email
    • This Documentation
    • A computer with a modern, updated, secure web browser (Firefox, Safari, and Chrome are all recommended)
    • A speedy internet connection. VFX Nexus is designed to work efficiently, but, like you, it has much work to do. The faster the connection the better.
    • A project requiring visual effects or animation to be completed. To learn VFX Nexus, you can imagine a project with a handful of shots that needs completed or follow along in this guide as we improvise some shots. Once you’ve got the hang of things, then you can shelve or delete this fictitious project and start doing the real deal.

    Other things you should know: you can get a PDF version of this documentation by clicking the link on this page or right here.

    This guide will act as a tutorial, starting with the use of the Master Account. The Master Account is special as it cannot be deleted. The designated administrator of the database should be assigned this account, usually this is the head of your VFX or IT department.

    This guide strives to stay consistent with a set of terminology. These terms are specific to the ways VFX Nexus works. If you are ever uncertain of the context of a certain term or word, please check the Help section within your VFX Nexus instance or the glossary at the end of this document. Of course, you can keep Google.com handy for anything mentioned that is outside of the scope of the guide.

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