• Where to start?
    By default, you are now presented with the Dashboard page. We’ll learn more about this later in the guide. Right now, we’ll quickly cover the main points of interest on the VFX Nexus site.
    Next to our snazzy logo, you’ll see the name of your VFX Nexus instance. If your company name isn’t “VFX Default,” no problem! It can be changed by the Master Account at any time. We’ll get to that in a bit. In the upper right hand of the screen is your real name, as VFX Nexus knows it. Your user name is also customizable, and will also be covered in just a moment. Under the user name is the ability to Log Out this session and set your Preferences as specific to this user. Settings that affect everyone are stashed in another area: in the menu tabs labeled Users and Control Panel. The Help button will always be available. Click it when things get thick.

    Back on the left side of the screen, under the logo are the main menu tabs. Each area of Nexus has a topmost master tab. When there are additional, relevant sections for each of these areas, there will be smaller tabs under the main tab--just like this page. Within the Home area, there are three sections to choose from. Dashboard, My Shots, and My Tasks. Right now all of these areas are painfully uninformative. For future reference, note that the My Shots and My Tasks pages are how most artists will be seeing VFX Nexus when logging in. The tabs you see here present information across all projects as assigned to the current user.
    Before we continue on, note the blue question mark icon next to the title of each page.
    Clicking on this will reveal handy help text for the current page. It’s your first go-to spot when you need some clarification or a hint.
    Blue Icon
    You should also note a little help button. We’re always listening to our customers, so please feel free to submit any suggestions or praise when you find something worth commenting about.
    Help Button
    Let’s customize a few things in your instance of VFX Nexus then get to work.

    Click the Control Panel tab.

    In the first box that shows up, within the Global Settings tab, enter the name of your VFX or Animation organization. For this example, we’re going to use “ZippyFX,” but we’re sure you have a better name you can use. Click the Update button, and the site’s header instantly changes.
    Site Name

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