• Wrapping Up
    You are now armed with all the basics for getting a Project set up, Artist accounts created, and essential Shot information added. There are several more aspects to VFX Nexus that operate within this framework. There are Tasks, a Calendar, and the Knowledge Base area among others. Be sure to read the User Orientation section to learn other aspects of the Shot Details page, especially file management. We encourage you to check the inline help for all these sections to learn what is available to you. Once you are done learning and exploring, you can edit this Project’s settings to either make it Inactive, or you can rename it to an actual Project you wish to begin, and simply delete the existing shots. Alternatively, while logged into the Master Account, you can delete Projects entirely.

    VFX Nexus is available for help or clarification. Please contact us at support@vfxnexus.com or leave a message at (323)372-6753. Also be sure to check out our blog for continuous discussion of VFX Nexus’s developments and more tips on how to get the most from your VFX Nexus account. http://vfxnexus.com/blog

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