Do I have to sign a contract?

Nope. You pay on a monthly basis and can quit at any time, taking your data and files with you.

What do I need to run VFX Nexus?

VFX Nexus is completely web-based - all you need is a browser. This makes it easy for all platforms to access the information they need. It's especially important for collaboration between remote locations, clients, editors and post houses because you control all access centrally. If you'll be using the file sharing features extensively, you'll want the fastest practical connection you can get.

Does VFX Nexus have file sharing?

Yes! Starting with version 2.0 all shots have the ability to have files attached to them. There is no practical limit to the number of files you can add, but there is a charge for file space beyond 1 gigabyte.

Is VFX Nexus secure?

All access is given by usernames and passwords which the administrator has control over. Data is backed up daily on redundant, fault tolerant servers. For an additional layer of security, we provide access via a secure session utilizing a secure socket layer (SSL/HTTPS).

What about support?

We're here for you. By email and phone, we take all of our customer feedback very seriously. Our track record with our current client roster is excellent. You'll be happy, too.

Where are all the Gantt charts and resource tracking graphs?

VFX Nexus is not traditional project management. It's specifically designed for tracking shots and enabling collaboration between artists and supervisors, allowing both a clear view of the status of their projects, shots and tasks at all times. This ideology - coupled with report creating, deep search abilities and customized views - is our version of Project Management.

What features do you have planned for VFX Nexus?

We're always open to any ideas you feel would address your specific project management needs. Feel free to pass on any ideas and we will consider it for the next release (we're always cooking up something for the future).

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